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Minerals Quiz

1. What three minerals have to be on the nutrition facts panel of the food label?
A. Calcium, protein and magnesium
B. Sodium, calcium and zinc
C. Iron, sodium and calcium

2. Which mineral is especially important in bone health?
A. Selenium
B. Calcium
C. Magnesium

3. What vitamin helps increase the absorption of iron?

A. Vitamin C
B. Vitamin A
C. Vitamin D

4. Calcium is found in which three classes of food ?
A. Yellow vegetables, red fruit and milk and milk products.
B. Pork, dried beans and milk and milk products.
C. Milk and milk products, green vegetables and a few fish and shellfish

5. How much iron does a person need each day?
A. 18 milligrams
B. 15 milligrams
C. 10 milligrams

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