Here are all of the mentioned links from the lessons as well as additional links and resources that you can use to improve your nutrition knowledge. Please note that all of these sites can change without notice. 


Resources and Links 
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1. Bread, Cereal, Rice, and Pasta Group (Kellogg's Nutrition University courses, quizzes and links, learn about Kellogg's cereal, news about Kellogg Company) ("The Internet Source for Small Grain Growers", useful information and links) (yeast recipes, baking tips, metric conversion table, Wheat Foods, link to online bakers' club, baking contests, resources for kids, and much more) (rice industry news, link to the Rice Cafe web site - rice recipes, nutrition, rice glossary, national rice month, rice and allergies) (Grains Nutrition Information Center:  lots of information about grains and nutrition, grain recipes and menu ideas, grains information in Spanish) (The Quaker Oats Company of Canada: favorite Canadian recipes using oats - in English and French, nutrition information) (Oats and Heart Health, Nutrition and Wellness, Quaker products and recipes, links to other nutrition related web sites) (Kellogg's Nutrition Camp: a fun website for kids and their nutrition educators; you can find information on calcium, fibers, whole grain, folic acid, and much more, breakfast ideas, games, Kellogg's products, recipes)

2. Vegetable Group (Welcome to DOLE- the largest producer and marketer of fresh fruit and vegetables in the world; learn about healthy foods, nutrition information for kids, recipes). (Broccoli Town, USA: nutrition information, health articles, educational materials, storing and cooking tips, recipes, games and other fun activities for kids).

3. Fruit Group (All about apples: categories, nutrition facts, health information, recipes, information for children and their teachers). (National Watermelon Promotion Board web site: Health & Wellness with watermelon, refreshing recipes, information for kids and teachers, links to other nutrition web sites). (5-a-day web site: nutrition with fruits and vegetables, useful information for children and educators, fun games and activities).

4. Milk, Yogurt, and Cheese Group (All about milk: milk brochures, nutrition information about milk, recipes, contests and events). (Clueless in the Mall - a fun, interactive site which encourages youth to increase their calcium intake). If you click on "Other related sites", it will connect you to other nutrition related sites, US Bureau of Census, NIH, FDA, USDA, etc.).  (National Dairy Council web site: everything you need to know about dairy products, breaking news about calcium). (all you can learn about cheese, Virtual Cheese Case, recipes).

5. Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans, Eggs, and        Nuts Group (National Hot Dog and Sausage Council web site: easy to read information about sausages and hot dogs, find out how many calories your favorite hot dog has, sausage recipes, glossary of  sausages and prepared meats, tips for cooking linked sausage). (National Chicken Council web site: nutrition information, grilling tips and recipes from around the world). (Beef nutrition information, food safety, lean and healthy recipes, and low fat cooking tips). (Nutrition and health press releases, nutrition research projects, educational resources, useful links). (The National Pork Producers Council web site: nutrition education materials, nutrition research, healthy recipes, hot topics, food safety). (American Egg Board web site: egg nutrition information, nutrient breakdown, egg safety, egg facts, recipes, free egg clip arts). (American Meat Institute: information about meat and poultry industry, food safety, food labeling, links to other nutrition related web sites). 

6. Fats, Oil, and Sweets (Margarine on the Web: nutrition information, abstracts of recent research, information about margarine products, recipes, interactive calculator, links). (Soy and health fact sheets, information about soybean oil, soy and heart health, soy recipes).  

NUTRIENTS ("Clueless in the Mall" - Interactive web site for children,  information about calcium,  nutrition quiz, links to other nutrition related sites). (Health benefits of  fibers, causes and prevention of occasional constipation, how to add fiber to your diet, link to the American Heart Association web site). (Iowa State University Extension Service - Dietary Fiber Quiz). (American Dietetic Association web site: nutrition information about phytochemicals). (Soy and health fact sheets, information about soybean oil, soy and heart health, soy recipes).  

RECIPES (Healthy recipes, cooking tips, nutrition information, 4- week menu planning, new Healthy Choice products). ( Recipes: rolls and buns, loaves, specialty breads, pizzas and calzones, sweet breads and coffee cakes) ( baked goods, desserts, side dishes, breakfasts) ( "Welcome to DOLE" - Fruit & Vegetable Recipes: appetizers, salads, main dishes, desserts.) ( healthy recipes and tips) (Washington State Apple Commission) (recipes: Mann Cookbook , cooking tips) (National Hot Dog and Sausage Council) (recipes, grilling tips) (recipes, cooking tips) (recipes, lean cooking with beef) ( pork recipes, cooking tips) (egg recipes, basic preparation, cooking terms). (recipes) (recipes) (Favorite Canadian Recipes) (Quaker recipes) ("Food for the Heart"-healthy recipes) (Entrees, desserts, breakfasts) (Eating Right : Healthy Recipes)

www.nutritioncamp/learning/index.html (Kellogg's Recipes) (Meals For You: Our Most Popular Recipes, rhubarb recipes, B-B-Q recipes, egg recipes, meal plans) (Soy recipes ) (Hoosier KitchenNet) (The best recipe site on the Web: complete meal plans by category, find a recipe by word, phrase or ingredient)


Heart Disease and Stroke (Good News for Your Heart: general information about  Metamucil) (The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada : healthy recipes, research results, general information) (The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute : Cholesterol and Heart Disease Quiz) (Mayo Clinic Health Oasis : High Blood Pressure Quiz, related sites) (The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute: BMI Calculator) (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute: information about heart disease) (High Blood Pressure Quiz) 

Cancer (Cancer information) (Cancer Quiz) (The National Cancer Institute (NCI) coordinates the government's cancer research program.) (National Institutes of Health : Health information, scientific resources) 

Diabetes (Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolic diseases :Links to Other Organizations, NIH information, Resources and Activities, Ongoing Clinical Trials) (American Diabetes Association home page) (American Diabetes Association: Diabetes Risk Test) (sugar free recipes, nutrition information) (Weight Control Information Network : risks of being overweight, nutrition information, related links) (Kids Learn About Diabetes : What is diabetes?, Testing, Complications, A healthy diet, Links & Credits) (Calculate your Body Mass Index)


NUTRITION AND THE LIFE CYCLE (Kids Food Cyber Club: Nutrition information for kids, parents and teachers) (Nutrition Cafe)

Nutritional Information for Educators (National Pork Producer's Council)  (Department of Health and Human Services) (NCEH Programs and Activities)
(On The Teen Scene)
(Administration on Aging: information for older persons and their families, practitioners and other professionals, aging related web sites) (American Association of Retired Persons: health and wellness, reference and research, general information about AARP) (Guidance and Gear for New and Expectant Parents) (How to Grow a Healthy Child: family food) ( A Guide to Daily Food Choices) (Nutrition Expedition: Food and Nutrition, Lesson Plans) (Team Nutrition home page: nutritional information for students and educators) (Nutrition information, fitness, pregnancy, weight loss plan, recipes) (Information and Resources for Seniors: Wellness and Health, Good Links) (LSU Agricultural Center home page) (Department of Health and Human Services home page) 

FOOD SAFETY (The National Food Safety Database) (USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service: Consumer advice and help for educators, The Food Safety Educator) ( FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition) (The Food Safety Consortium) (International Food Information Council) ( International Meat and Poultry HAACP Alliance) Food safety recommendation for poultry (Partnership for Food Safety Education) (The American Dietetic Association web page: Home Food Safety Information) (National Agricultural Library) ( Food Guide Pyramid, Ask The Expert, Shopping tips) ("The Healthy Refrigerator": Nutrition information, foods to choose more often or less often) (The American Dietetic Association web page : Nutrition resources, related sites, food safety information) (Glo Germ : Educational worksheets, Glo Germ Guestbook, information for kids, related sites) (Fighting the Problem of Foodborne Illness) (US Food and Drug Administration : Food Safety Quiz, Children and Tabacco, All about Vaccines, Parent's Corner) (Department of Health and Human Services : HHS Information Resources, food safety, cancer, diabetes general information, on-line health information, on-line journals, medical dictionaries) (Nutrition fact sheets from the University of Oregon: Nutrition Education) (University of Illinois Extension: Programs and Resource areas, related links) 

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE (Alternative Health News on line: Diet & Nutrition, Mind/Body control, Manual Healing, Healthy Living)
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