Dr. Paul Coreil
Vice-Chancellor and Director of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service

Meet Our People

In this section you will be introduced to the authors of the individual lessons. You will also be able to meet some of the many people responsible for bringing this digital resource to you.


Dr. Paul Coreil, Vice Chancellor and Director

Dr. Rosalie J. Bivin, Assistant Vice Chancellor

Dr. Ellen Murphy, Head, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences


Heli Roy, PhD., R.D., LDN EFNEP State Coordinator

Catrinel Stanciu, DDS, MS, Extension Associate, EFNEP/FNP Nutrition Field Coordinator

Sandra Bastin, PhD., R.D., LD Assistant Professor in the College of Agriculture at the University of Kentucky.

Katherine L. Cason, PhD., R.D. Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Clemson University

Alice Carroll, M.S., R.D., LDN, Education Section Administrator, Bureau of Food and Nutrition Services Louisiana Department of Education

Kathy (Kathleen) Daly-Koziel, M.P.H., R.D., LD EFNEP Coordinator for the State of Kentucky.

Diane B. Linder, EdD, R.D., LDN, Specialist (Coordinator), retired

Elizabeth S. Reames, PhD., R.D., LDN, Specialist (Nutrition)

Melanie LaPorte, M.S., Bureau of Food and Nutrition Services, Louisiana Department of Education

Donna E. Montgomery, M.S., Specialist (Consumer Food and Nutrition Education), retired

Melissa Brener, Graduate Assistant with the LSU School of Human Ecology

Evaluation Component

Evelina W. Cross, PhD., R.D., LDN, Associate Professor, retired

Michael J. Keenan, PhD., R.D., Associate Professor

Dr. Bobby L. Matthews, Director of the Measurement and Evaluation Center, Division of Instructional Support and Development

Carol O'Neil, PhD., R.D., LDN, School of Human Ecology

Kelly Lafleur

Debra Reed, PhD., R.D., LDN, Texas

Glenna Williams, Oklahoma


Annrose M. Guarino PhD., R.D., LDN, Associate Specialist

Tangipahoa EFNEP staff

Washington EFNEP staff

Orleans EFNEP staff


John Carambat, Communications Designer

Mark Claesgens, Specialist (Audio/Visual)

Nicholas Messina, Director of the Center for Instructional Technology

Ed C. Koch, Assistant Manager of Multimedia Development/ Graphics Production, Center for Instructional Technology

Ola Reiley, Librarian

Jane Honeycutt, Specialist (Publications)


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